When a Large Corporate is Out of Touch


Adobe played the BIG CORPORATE card when lockdown landed and that peed me off.

I’ve cancelled the renewal of my account. To my delight I’ve found any number of great alternatives at a fraction of the previous cost.

Are there any other previous Adobe stalwarts who have opted to do the same?

I’ve been using Photoshop since the late 90s and dipped into a number of their other apps on and off since then. I’m a “creative” generalist working within the visual communications sector so have a need for a range of tools and that need has evolved over time.

From Quark to Photoshop, MiniCAD and Director ( Anyone remember those? ) to Illustrator, AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro and inDesign but rarely work with all of them at once. I had, ( as all Adobe users have had to ) a monthly subscription package covering all the tools I occasionally needed. When LOCKDOWN landed and new enquiries started to drop off, I asked Adobe to cancel my account.

Unlike many other large businesses, they didn’t offer a payment holiday or any other option for pausing the account until things became more certain. 

They demanded a sum of money greater than the cost of simply letting the contract run to the end of its term.

The email was accompanied with a reminder of their full terms and conditions, including the small print, as agreed to when I signed up to the package I was on last year.

I therefore had no option but to suffer the cost of paying for yet not using their software until this month. During that time I looked for alternatives and found quite a few.

The video is from one of those “new friends”. Curiously, it is one which I looked at a number of times in the late 90s but found it not Mac friendly at that time. 

Times have changed!

If you have been using any software, or other essential business service regularly since your business was formed, then perhaps now might be a good time to look for alternatives.

I also just happen to liked the music and the slick edit of their YouTube product video.

How about you?

About the Author

I'm Sam Finlay, the founder of moreVisible and I originally trained as an Industrial Designer back in the early 80s. My career developed from technical illustration and visualising within the manufacturing sector, to design consultancy servicing high street retailers and brands, visualising future products, explaining how these would look or function for B2B presentations. Before moving my creative skills into online video & animation production for the digital economy in 2008.