Graphic illustration of a GBP £

Money. Do you love it or do you hate it?

Money is the oil that lubricates modern life. The pursuit of large sums of it is the focus of many but not all.

It's acqusition may be an essential but not everyone is driven to amass it in quantities that exceed their everyday needs.

Money, for many creatives and visual creatives in particular, is simply a necessity for life. It is the fuel that nurtures their very existence and is the measure of how others value their creativity.

Asking a creative to reduce or even negate their fee is not just demoralising for them. It’s insulting. More so when the value being questioned is based purely on a love of money rather than any skill in judging talent and its worth. Quantifying the true value of any visually creative skill-set is therefore better left to another visual creative.

In my experience those who only love money are rarely visual creatives. Worse still is in not knowing that this is the case.

Each trait, love or hate, is the other face of the coin that fuels ones existence.

As such they are inherently connected with both looking in opposite directions to different horizons.


About the Author

I'm Sam Finlay, the founder of moreVisible. I trained as an Industrial Designer in the early 80s, followed by a career in retail and point of sale fixtures design for manufacturers supplying major high street retailers and brands. I started my own consultancy service to the same in the mid 90s designing and visualising future products while explaining how these would function for B2B presentations. I transfered these creative skills online in the mid 00s as innovation and investment shifted in this direction, not long after YouTube launched.