Innovate and / or Pivot to Grow and Thrive

Illustration - Innovate and/or Pivot

Have you started innovating yet?

Self-confession warning, I’m inventive.

It’s what ultimately drew me into the creative sector. Not because I was drawn to become an artist, although I did enjoy art periods at school, but because I needed to learn how to record increasingly complex ideas on paper for things I wanted to make.

I was an Ornamental Blacksmith at the time.

I needed to learn how to design things rather than having any real desire to “be arty.”
I say I enjoyed art “periods” rather than art “classes” at school because I have no memory of any teaching ever having taken place.

“Art periods” were an opportunity to let the imagination wander with line, form and colour ( apologies for the designer speak ) without any expectation of achieving a specific academic outcome. The “finished” piece of work was either pleasing to look at or not.

I’ve spent some time this last few weeks re-inventing one of my products in light of the “new mood.”

It will likely please, the more established, professional or technical services based businesses or those who now need to assert their authority or grow their visibility online.

How are you approaching the immediate challenges in securing future growth?

Has your audience or the value of what you supply changed this last four months?

About the Author

I'm Sam Finlay, the founder of moreVisible and I originally trained as an Industrial Designer back in the early 80s. My career developed from technical illustration and visualising within the manufacturing sector, to design consultancy servicing high street retailers and brands, visualising future products, explaining how these would look or function for B2B presentations. Before moving my creative skills into online video & animation production for the digital economy in 2008.