Christmas 2020 Almost Here

Santas Arrival

It's the shortest day of the year and it's raining but we're still busy working on content for the new year.

To say the year has been eventful is an understatement in one respect and an untruth in another. Here's why.

MoreVisible was conceived in 2018 but only gelled in the spring 2019. The rest of that year was spent creating content and other digital assets before formally launching in February 2020. The business plan didn't anticipate a significant initial uptake in the new service. It takes time to grow and nurture any new audience organically so this was foreseen in the original plan. Less planned was the economic downturn which hit many businesses a month later.

Many of our perceived customers simply battened down the hatches to sit out the Tsunami that has broken over both local and global trade.

I anticipate that next year will also be a slow growth affair. Particularly for anyone not in a position to capitalise on the must haves that will dominate the economy. Many established professional and technical services businesses will no doubt survive by tightening their spending further while looking for more affordable solutions.

One way of keeping costs down is to use the talent already employed, or can be employed at low cost, to bring out sourced tasks in house.

In anticipation of this moreVisible are working on some free self help solutions that will launch in the New Year.

About the Author

I'm Sam Finlay, the founder of moreVisible. I trained as an Industrial Designer in the early 80s, followed by a career in retail and point of sale fixtures design for manufacturers supplying major high street retailers and brands. I started my own consultancy service to the same in the mid 90s designing and visualising future products while explaining how these would function for B2B presentations. I transfered these creative skills online in the mid 00s as innovation and investment shifted in this direction, not long after YouTube launched.