Engaging new customers and staff

Illustration People Looking out of Window


A great business story told in a powerful visual format

  • Gets your business noticed – gains attention by cutting through the noise
  • Clarifies your message and helps people make sense of what you do – attracts people to your business and engages them
  • Shows how you are different from competitors – stand out from the crowd
  • Helps people appreciate the value of what you do – sells the benefits of your products and services
  • Defines your brand and helps people picture what kind of company you are – get more buy-in from customers, investors, employees, partners, introducers, media
  • Gives your team a clear sense of purpose – improves morale, productivity and loyalty
  • Adds emotional weight to the features and benefits of your offering – engages, inspires and moves people so they take action
  • Convinces people you can deliver on your promises - establishes your credentials and builds trust  
  • Attracts the right talent to your business, keeps them engaged and gives them a clear sense of purpose – gets the most from your people
  • Provides a high value IP asset that protects your brand story & future business growth.

How successful are our animated stories?


The Savers senior management team invited us to help them communicate their complete Customer Journey Story to their core store management teams. 

Originally conceived as providing "something different" for the Savers annual conference in 2015. We produced a series of six short Whiteboard style animations in under 10 weeks. Each was designed to enrich the learning and engagement of over 700 staff on the day. They included a brief history of the brand, four core learning objective animations and a rousing annual performance incentive as a finale.

The series was then used as the basis of a full staff training program over the following four years. The brand almost doubled in size, to around 500 stores, during this time.


Wessex Water recognise the importance of using visual communications. They answered some common questions customers asked online with a series of six short animations.

These were delivered together with an additional resource of over 200 illustrations, produced in the same hand drawn style, for the new Wessex Water website.

A family of unique characters and the Sinkmans family name, together with its unique hand drawn style font, were also created for the series.

You may have seen some of our illustrations painted on Wessex Water construction site hoardings around the South West or being used as photo props at county fairs.

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Some subjects are so dry and technical that you need a qualified professional to explain what the subject matter means to you.

Richard Rones from Thornton Rones, found us online and got in touch. He asked if we could solve a very regular problem for him as a Professional Insolvency Practitioner. 

Many of the business owners he could help simply didn't understand some basic principles of their position. Richard found himself spending time explaining the same information to stressed prospective clients.

Being able to direct these prospects to a detailed explanation of his services in advance was needed.

Richard already had the story he used for presentations. We helped him take his thoughts and translate them into something visually engaging, memorable and supportive.

His animated video has proved to be highly successful.


Being found online for what we do is something we tend to take for granted.

This "How we produce whiteboard animations in VideoScribe" video on YouTube is significant in that respect.

We regularly meet sceptical business owners struggling to see how this would work for them. This is our first-hand proof.

Showing what you do and how you do it will not wreck your business. This "How-to video" has brought us work.

You do it to present yourselves as being experts at what you do. It will direct future customers to you as a result of this.

The above animation is now over five years old. It may be out of date but still contains value for anyone seeking more detail on Whiteboard Animation. It therefore acts as both an endorsement of our skills and supports our authority as an established supplier.


Charles at Accept Car Finance knew what he wanted.

He needed something that would tell prospective customers exactly what his business did. Explaining these details to callers, who didn't want to read about it, took too much of his time.

He needed something both informative and engaging for website visitors with little patience.

Making it entertaining was a must. Prospective customers had to be engaged enough to watch it to the call to action at the end.

With an open brief and an agreed budget to work with Charles is now educating these new prospective customers at a cost of less than £0.08p per view. 


Gordon Morris Limited is a service-based business centred around the delivery and installation of a range of hearing products. 

Gordon's challenge was in communicating the value his business brought to his sector. The value he brought was in being hearing impaired himself. As a hearing impaired person he was better placed to make qualified recommendations that those who could hear perfectly well.

It was therefore important the Gordon was the central figure in any presentation. Making him the narrator in the form of an animated character allowed his personality to be maintained. It lent authority to the information his business explainer animation contains and made using speech bubbles an essential element.


Adroit and Associates needed to explain the basis of their services to prospective customers in advance of any appointment.

Explaining their process in broad terms, simply on their website, offered multiple benefits. Having an engaging video that keeps visitors on your page is good for organic search engine ranking. ( Dwell time = Value. )

Providing prospective clients with an explanation of your services, that can be watched at any time, is also advantageous.

Being able to direct both cold enquirers or cultivated leads to these in advance of any conversation makes these calls more purposeful.

Higher conversation rates are therefore anticipated. 


Many messages are so complex they are difficult to understand. Some need many hours of study to comprehend yet their value may have broad appeal.

Engaging an audience with dry, though necessary, detail is more likely to succeed when the information is told in a visually rich or illustrated story format.

Using simple, relatable visual metaphors to support your message increases audience engagement and memory gain of the information in it. An increase of up to 15% in retained knowledge was documented in research undertaken by the Royal College of Arts ( RCA ) in 2013. An uplift of this size is significant, particularly if placed within the context of staff training or customer journey stories. 

The effect on your bottom line will be very positive.

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