Telling Stories that Grow Your Authority

Being an authority is when future customers find you rather than you having to find them

We create the visual assets and animated videos you now need to support the core stories that define your business expertise, experience and authority.

You’ll get a central brand story or series of stories but the complete package may include a variety of videos/animations/presentations or digital recorded content:  

  • Explainer stories that help people understand the value of what you supply.
  • Data stories that communicate complex topics in simple ways that people find meaningful and easy to understand.
  • Training stories that make it easy for your staff to gain new skills and understand how you want things done.
  • We work with you from the outset to clarify what your core stories are.
  • We then help you develop a distribution strategy and visual marketing plan.
  • We will coach you in how to keep your online presence on track or provide a social media expert who will do this for you.
  • We monitor and curate your content distribution. Provide active feedback with recommendations for performance based refinements.
  • Support your growing online visibility by keeping you informed of changes and trends that will help you grow.
  • Provide you with the learning and development tools you need to keep your storytelling current.
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Why has the world of business changed so much recently?

The underlying structure of business to business communications hasn’t really changed much over the years. The tools used to create and deliver that information most certainly have.

The most significant of these changes have been in methods of distribution and audience consumption.

Over the course of the last decade and a half, change has been driven both by the internet and consumer preference.  Globalisation and the drive for competitive advantage, have encouraged everyone to move from paper or analogue based communications to digital technologies.

These changes have in the main been driven by cost saving, better efficiency, greater reach, improved speed, better measurement and reliability considerations common to every business. Particularly where small incremental improvements are likely to significantly increase profitability and the quality of the product or service.

The arguments for using more visually rich forms of business communications are compelling.

  • When offered a choice, most audiences prefer to consume information in an image rich video format.
  • Image rich video is known to provide increases in levels of audience engagement. 
  • An audio narrative supported with appropriate illustrations is also known to increase in the speed of information understanding.
  • Visually rich forms of communication are proven to provide improved levels of information recall by up to 15%.
  • 90% of the information being processed by the brain is visually related.
  • The brain is know to process visual images 60,000 time faster than text.

 Having clear, concise and visually consistent business messages makes them easier to understand, more likely to be remembered and easier for others to share.

The problem with shouting about your products or services online is that no one is listening.

Having a good set of videos on your website really is the next best thing to standing with your potential customer 24/7 365 days of the year. More so because they can opt to view it at a time that suites them. 

Being able to entice and educate potential customers on your business benefits them without you ever meeting them is priceless. 

Providing them with entertaining and informative content about your business is more likely to be shared.

More importantly, YOUR business will be remembered above those not matching your storytelling output.

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