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2020 UK Business Landscape Infographic.

Have YOU done your numbers for the next tax year yet? I’ve recently been working on a number of data sets, turning the information into something more visual. They go a long way to explaining why many UK businesses may feel that things have changed. For some, they have changed a lot. Yet commerce has been […]

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Illustration Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Being Different while telling the Same Story

You don’t need a different story to your rivals.You just need to make your story more engaging than theirs.According to the Smithsonian, there are 58 versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Each no doubt having been told in many different visual styles.A quick Google search provides 280,000 YouTube video results. So if a simple story about […]

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Illustration of Devil Like Head

7 Common Business Video Fails.

Are you looking for new business or simply following the crowd?I moved my retail design and presentation consultancy into the digital economy in 2008, in part, because I perceived a need for our B2B presentation skills. Much of my time in those early years was spent, on what now seemed like an evangelical mission, trying […]

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Illustration Girl with Hand Palm Faced Out

In a Noisy World No One is Listening.

Blah! Blah! – Are You Just Creating More Noise?Crystal clear messaging and a solid brand story are now clearly needed as the foundation of your marketing. Describing the value in what you do, is more important now than ever before.Markets for almost everything have become increasingly crowded. Competition for new business has exploded globally. Software […]

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