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Christmas 2020 Almost Here

It’s the shortest day of the year and it’s raining but we’re still busy working on content for the new year. To say the year has been eventful is an understatement in one respect and an untruth in another. Here’s why. MoreVisible was conceived in 2018 but only gelled in the spring 2019. The rest of that […]

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When a Large Corporate is Out of Touch

ANSWER – YOU QUIT Adobe played the BIG CORPORATE card when lockdown landed and that peed me off. I’ve cancelled the renewal of my account. To my delight I’ve found any number of great alternatives at a fraction of the previous cost. Are there any other previous Adobe stalwarts who have opted to do the same? I’ve been […]

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Cargo Ship Hits a Big Wave

At Sea in Stormy Times

By the time a storm hits, it’s already too late to switch off the engine or throw out the anchor.If you have a solid business with few or no liabilities, money in the bank, contingency plans in place and pockets that are deep enough to ride out any storm then you are likely to be […]

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