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BLOG BOOSTER - Your blog visualised

Our affordable Blog Booster Solution compresses your blog text into a short animated video message with images, voice over and text that will encourage more viewers to read your full post.

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Graphic Illustration of Booster Rocket taking off watched by two people

Below are some typical examples of Blog Booster videos

BLOG SHORTS - Your blog animated

Blog Shorts takes your blog and turns it into an animated summary. It is designed to entice the curious into reading your blog yet being video stimulates greater engagement and encourages more shares.

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Graphic Illustration Business Blogging like Activity

Below are some typical examples of Blog Shorts videos

Illustration Computer Screen with Call to Action  Text
Illustration Computer Screen with Call to Action  Text

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Why have we developed this solution for you?

No one likes to be ignored. Equally annoying is when no one reads, likes or comments on your blog. 

Particularly when you have invested a chunk of your time in creating a piece of content that you believe has huge value to your target audience. 

The time you have invested often doesn't seem to justify the results you are getting yet you have been told that posting regular content is good for search results but you see little evidence of that in your social media feed.

You are equally disappointed because you are the sole expert in your business with the right experience to write them.  Your dilemma is that you don’t have a budget for doing anything to actively promote or  ...

... distribute your content. 

We had the same problem ourselves, which is why we developed these two simple solutions. We saw that we were getting many more views of video posts than those that used a single image. We wanted views but the issue for us will be the same one for you, COST.

Our two solutions work in different ways with "Blog Shorts" requiring a higher investment than "Blog Booster." The former, being longer takes more time to produce but has a greater lifetime value that should mirror that of the blog. Booster is much shorter in length and quicker to create so costs less.

Ask us about these differences by completing an enquiry form using this link or the red button below.

Visual stories are more memorable than words

The world of marketing and marketing distribution may have changed hugely in recent years but the basic principles have not. 

It still all comes down to you needing to have a clear, well formed message about your business, your products or the services you provide. This should briefly describe the problem you solve before stating the many benefits your solution will provide while validating this with proof of some kind.

You then use whatever means is most appropriate to your market sector to get that message in front of as many prospective customers as possible. Simple.

You may feel that you no longer need to use specialist providers to get your message out there because you have a website, do your own social media and this is all you need in a modern cost-conscious digital economy. 

Or, you may have a trusted agency responsible for making sure your message is heard through an ever more complex suite of marketing channels. From traditional PR, trade events or publications to a host of online digital platforms for which the “best practice” guides seem to change almost every month.

Whichever is the case, your story needs to be clearer now than ever before.

Competition for the business sector you traditionally service has never been more crowded. Equally, the rise in demand for video based content means your message needs to have a strong, uniquely memorable visual hook which sets you apart from your rivals.

Anything that can be imagined can be drawn, illustrated or animated in an engaging, informative and memorable manner. This is what we do.

Learn how to create simple, short animated videos to support your blog posts.

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    Do you regularly invest time in creating, quality, high value content that only co-workers look at?
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    Do you feel that your time is worth more than the return you are currently getting from your efforts?
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    If there was a simple affordable way to increase the views of your blog posts whould you be interested?
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Answered YES? - CLICK the image to find OUR SOLUTION

  1. 1
    Are you unhappy with the low number of views, likes or shares you’re getting from your Blog posts?
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    Do you find it difficult coming up with ideas for new Blogs that may fare no better than previous posts?
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