2020 UK Business Landscape Infographic.

Have YOU done your numbers for the next tax year yet? I’ve recently been working on a number of data sets, turning the information into something more visual. They go a long way to explaining why many UK businesses may feel that things have changed. For some, they have changed a lot. Yet commerce has been […]

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Christmas 2020 Almost Here

It’s the shortest day of the year and it’s raining but we’re still busy working on content for the new year. To say the year has been eventful is an understatement in one respect and an untruth in another. Here’s why. MoreVisible was conceived in 2018 but only gelled in the spring 2019. The rest of that […]

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When a Large Corporate is Out of Touch

ANSWER – YOU QUIT Adobe played the BIG CORPORATE card when lockdown landed and that peed me off. I’ve cancelled the renewal of my account. To my delight I’ve found any number of great alternatives at a fraction of the previous cost. Are there any other previous Adobe stalwarts who have opted to do the same? I’ve been […]

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Cargo Ship Hits a Big Wave

At Sea in Stormy Times

By the time a storm hits, it’s already too late to switch off the engine or throw out the anchor.If you have a solid business with few or no liabilities, money in the bank, contingency plans in place and pockets that are deep enough to ride out any storm then you are likely to be […]

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Fry's 5 Boys Style Illustration

Hate Talking to Camera? Here are 5 Tips.

Video is here and is not going to “go away” so finding ways to get comfortable with seeing and hearing yourself talk to camera is important.If you love yourself already and can’t stop posting videos of yourself online then this article is really not for you.If however you are “more cautious” then the thought of […]

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Illustration Red Riding Hood & Wolf

Being Different while telling the Same Story

You don’t need a different story to your rivals.You just need to make your story more engaging than theirs.According to the Smithsonian, there are 58 versions of Little Red Riding Hood. Each no doubt having been told in many different visual styles.A quick Google search provides 280,000 YouTube video results. So if a simple story about […]

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No Video Shares? Find Out Why.

No one WANTS to share it because your video has NO VALUE worth sharing.Video is, without doubt, the most powerful marketing communications tool ever. Yet the digital revolution has casually placed it in the lap of everyone who cares to use it. The biggest downside to that is the ease with which video can now […]

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