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Feel like you are being ignored?

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It’s tough to get people interested in anything these days let alone your business:

Busy people are struggling with information overload.


They may be easier to reach, but are harder to engage.  

Your sector is spoilt for supplier choice and suffering from decision fatigue.

In a post-truth world people are less open and trusting than ever before.

It’s impossible to hear any lone voice when everyone is shouting.

Getting attention, engagement and buy-in has never been harder.

In a noisy world, SEEING is believing

Want to make your business more attractive to customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders?  

Then you need to make the value of your services clear to them.

The best way to do this?  Create simple stories that explain who you are, what you do and how you help people.  

Stories are more compelling than mere facts – they’re easier to understand, more engaging, more persuasive and more memorable.

But that’s not all.  

The most powerful stories are visual – the easier you make it for people to picture what you are telling them the greater the effect.  

Showing is more powerful than telling and visual stories cut through the noise much better than those that using words alone.

Most crucially for you, visual stories can be told through illustrations and if it can be imagined it can be drawn

The business with the best stories wins

A great business story, told in a powerful visual format:

Gets your business noticed – gains attention by cutting through the noise.

Clarifies your message and helps people make sense of what you do – attracts people to your business and engages them.

Shows how you are different from competitors – stand out from the crowd.

Helps people appreciate the value of what you do – sells the benefits of your products and services.

Defines your brand and helps people picture what kind of company you are – get more buy-in from customers, investors, employees, partners, introducers, media.

Gives your team a clear sense of purpose – improves morale, productivity and loyalty.

Adds emotional weight to the features and benefits of your offering – engages, inspires and moves people so they take action.

Convinces people you can deliver on your promises - establishes your credentials and builds trust.

Attracts the right talent to your business, keeps them engaged and gives them a clear sense of purpose – get the most from your people.

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Why Animate your stories

Airhead Animation are experts in simple hand drawn animations and illustrated stories.

Our boutique animation studio can provide you with all the hand-drawn animations you need to support your business into a bright new future. We are a multi experienced, dispersed team that includes caricaturists, illustrators, industrial artists, computer animators, visual editors, compositors, voice artists and products designers. We set out to specialise 2D digital and hand drawn animation with the wider adoption of CAD ( Computer Aided Design ) in the early 00s. We bring experienced art school skills to the new digital marketplace. You need look no further than Airhead Animation for all your animation needs.

Airhead Animation: A 2D Animation Studio for the Digital Age

Established in 2013 our computer animation studio will meet every need of your growing business.

Our animations are affordable, effective and bespoke in support of your needs.

From staff or customer training content to long term asset building animations that are more timeless than film or videos which easily date. Whether you own a hotel, a factory or an accounting firm there is room for animation in your business and marketing plan.

Our illustrated stories and hand-drawn animations will bring any business alive. We explain the what you do, the value your offer to educate your prospective customers so that you don't have to. Even the most complex of services can be better explained through animation than filmed video. Our illustrated explainer videos will become the key communication tool for your business. Both for your prospective customers and your dispersed staff.

The modern generation relies on their smart phone devices or computers for everything. We are always one step ahead of the latest developments in the digital revolution. Our animation studios had embraced the post COVID-19 remote working digital team ethos from our inseption. This allows us to keep our operating costs down and choose the best talent for each commission based on your need.

Modern software tools allow us to create bespoke animated videos faster and more effectively than ever before. We use a wide range of animation applications that are also accessible to you. The difference is that we are experts. We are one of the few animation studios supporting the business community in the South West.

We recognise the need to make your product or service unique. We understand your need to stand out from the crowd. We also are aware of your need to draw in and hold your audiences attention.

Whether you are a small local business or a large corporate client we have the very best in animation services for you.

Airhead Animation : Hand-Drawn Animations that Explain your Offer

Airhead animation are experts in all types of animation for your business. We can create bespoke characters and place them in an illustrated world that is unique to you and your business.

Our animated videos will connect, inform, engage and retain your audience.

Creating 2D animation online can come from two different and very unique sources. We can work from your very own pencil sketches, or we can work directly with the very best computer 2D animation software.

Our videos tell a story. Each story that we create with your input and your ideas is unique. We can provoke emotions through simple 2D videos. These will encourage your customers to want to find out more about you, your products and / or your services. 

Traditional 2D videos created from your very own ideas and sketches including:
Animation 2D Motion Graphics
2D Explainer Videos

Whiteboard Animations

Motion Graphics

Which - Capture your unique story. Engage your audience using animated videos that are affordable, engaging, and most importantly effective.

We create compelling digital assets. These are uniquely yours and will keep attracting pre-sold, well informed and engaged,customers for many years to come.

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Part of a series of five short animated videos about perfectionism and its potential for harm within the sudent community at UK Universities. This campaign was created to help potentially vulnerable student identify the risk to their mental and physical well being on joining a university for the first time.  

It was produced using Vyond ( formerly known as GoAnimate ) due to the short producion time provided with the brief.

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