How to create compelling business stories that sell

10 Lessons Intermediate

Why take this course?

Learn how to create compelling business stories that sell your products, your services and you for your business in this FREE short course.

Experienced copywriter and published author, Jim O’Connor will talk you through the key stages you need to become familiar with in crafting a compelling narrative for your business offering.

This is an essential guide for anyone not yet familiar with how to communicate their business offering effectively, to an unseen audience, to meet their marketing objectives.

Jim has broken this complex process down into 10 short video tutorials totalling just over an hour of insightful and instructive learning.

This course is suitable for both those new to business or anyone feeling a bit rusty with the core ingredients any motivating business story should contain.

Jim’s structured methodology will provide all learners, with an invaluable introduction to the principals of how to create compelling business stories to support your sales objectives.

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Target Audience

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Competitor Analysis

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