How to create compelling business stories that sell

Learn from successful advertising copywriter Jim O'Connor the simple, winning formula, formula for refining your business offer to best appeal to your target market. With many years experience working for large agencies around the UK followed by growing a highly profitable multilevel marketing business. This short course taken from his popular pocket guide, "Creating Brand Stories that Sell."

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Create artwork for your visual stories without being able to draw

Drawing effectively with little effort needs lots of practice and repetition. I was mildy shocked when I joined my first design studio and found that this was how things were done. It gets a result with minimal delay. This very short course shows you how to cheat by tracing over the top of another suitable image.

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Become an Expert Whiteboard Animator using VideoScribe

Whiteboard animation IS NOT DEAD! Like many new toys it has simply been hijacked by software that offers n instant solution but by its very nature results in everyones whiteboard animation looking the same. This course will teach you how to create truely individual and engaging animated stories that will be uniquely yours that will become a long term asset to your business.