Being moreVisible means standing out in the crowd

Shouting louder than everyone else wont help.

Have you ever thought about why there only seem to be two video production options with nothing in between?

You're expected to either make your own or pay serious cash to a film / video production company who will want to make something "lovely" for you, at your expense.

Wouldn't it be great if there was another option between each of these two extremes?

Something which delivered a professional video, tailored to your needs, at an affordable cost with only a small amount of input from you.

I foresaw a need for such a video service over ten years ago launching BizVidz in 2010.

BIG FAIL! - I was way ahead of the market. Good idea but no demand.

Slow broadband speeds and a general ignorance as to how social video works resulted in a shift in the focus of the business from shot video to animation.

Producing animated videos came as a result of spending more time educating potential customers than delivering finished videos. 

Explaining how BizVidz had a different approach became critical. Our method was better suited MOST small businesses needs. Particularly when the need was to gain an affect from their investment in video rather than one which flattered someones ego. 

Animation was the most effective tool for this task and we had the skills to produce these ourselves.

We inadvertently found customers asking us about animations. This directed where the business then went as there was a clear demand.

But things have changed since then.

Video storytelling is now universally recognised as being able to deliver what prospective customers now want to see.

This fact became ever more evident more recently with the announcement from Linkedin that a 30 second video story ( elevator pitch ) can be attached to your profile photograph.

Some will wrongly see this as an opportunity an "old school" advert in this spot.

Our advice is to focus your efforts on a social video which says something about YOU.

This is the reason that I will be resurrecting, refining and relaunching my "third option" video production service shortly.

A service that is simple, effective and affordable.

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