Get the Online Videos You Need Without the Stress

Don't like talking to camera? This is for you.

We remove the stress many people feel when invited to make a video for their business.

Not everyone has the skills needed to look into a video camera and confidently talk about themselves or what they do.

  Yet your future customers now expect to see that you are a real person before they engage with or buy from you.

No fuss videos for websites and social distribution without the potential cost

Simply call us from somewhere quiet where you feel at ease. A place where you can have a chat at a time that suits you. We'll then take care of all the creative and technical elements of production remotely. 

What you will get from us

Professionally Produced

All the benefits of skilled editors using the latest tools and experience to create high quality videos unique to your business.

No Disruption to Your Routine

Work with us at a time to suit you to create the content we need to produce the high quality social videos you need.

Hand Holding Video Guidence

Full instructions on how to harvest the video footage needed to show off your business to its best advantage.

No Scripts or Dry Monologues

You won't need to write a script. We'll help you tell your story simply without the need to learn anything or read from a script.

Videos for Your Business Made Easy

Ever since YouTube exploded the opportunities online video offers businesses, there have only been two ways to cash in. You either learn how to create them yourself or use a traditional film production company to make them for you.

Both of these options have a cost. One in the time, equpment, software and learning invested in creating them. The other more likely to be an expensive ego flattering exercise for the owner or maker than the social content you actually need.

What if there was another option?

Our video production service sits between each of those currently available to you. We will not send a cameraman, sound man, lighting engineer, grip or director to impose on your daily working routine.

You will not be expected to "perform on cue" to camera from a prepared script. You will not be expected to confidently smile down a lens without missing a beat while talking to an unknown unseen audience.

Our method delivers the benefits of a DIY approach without any equipment investment or steep software learning curve. You get the benefits of a professional production at a fraction of the potential cost of a traditionally approach.

What our customers are saying:

Trevor Whitehouse

The best money I've ever spent ......

The best money I’ve ever spent. It sets your company or product up above the rest and gives your brand that smell of quality instantaneously. (Our video ) is now the focal point and everything else simply revolves around it.


Roy Barrington

I can’t quite believe how quickly Sam grasped our need  .....

I can’t quite believe how quickly Sam grasped our need and suggested a plan to deliver it. ......  We talked all of these through during the second telephone conversation. A revelation in itself because by the end we had agreed the general direction of what the video would look like.


Video Production for Business Made Simple

Not everything old is bad nor is everything new good. Time for change happens when the old approach can be challenged because the market and or the means of production have changed.

Such is the case with business videos. Grand and expensive corporate epics may be of value to some. But frequency and their value to future customers are more important. Particularly when their purpose is to help grow your business.

A common name for these is "social video" and almost every social media channel supports them. Most are made to show your future customers the real face behind your business and how you can help them.

A service tailored to meet your online needs

The internet has revolutionised the sale and distribution of information and goods forever.

It has created global marketing opportunities at significantly reduced cost and changed the world of commerce for ever. Anyone anywhere with access to it can connect with an unseen audience 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year. It has fuelled an explosion of communication opportunities of which video is the most powerful.

  1. 1
    First ask yourself  - What do I want my video or videos to achieve?  If you don't have a purpose then it's unlikely that we will be able to help you. We will help you work through what that might be at our initial discovery conversation.
  2. 2
    Next you just need to be yourself  -  We know that the best social video content is the stuff that appears open natural honest and unscripted. This provides us a core point of difference in how we approach the video we will produce for you.  
  3. 3
    We will need you to get involved -  One way of keeping your costs low is by doing some of the work yourself. We will guide you on this, it's a partnership thing. We provide the production creativity and expertise but need you to provide the raw ingredients.

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Our Simple 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  

If you don't get a video you are happy to distribute by the end of our unique process we will send you a full refund.

Sam Finlay